Spain's Miguelín and Rivillos share Golden Shoe

Spain's Miguelín and Mario Rivillos shared the adidas Golden Shoe for top scorer at UEFA Futsal EURO 2016, with Alex taking the Silver Shoe and Ricardinho bronze.

Miguelín and Mario Rivillos
Miguelín and Mario Rivillos ©Getty Images

Spain duo Miguelín and Mario Rivillos shared the adidas Golden Shoe for top scorer at UEFA Futsal EURO 2016 after five players finished on six goals.

Ricardinho led Spain's Alex, Serbia's Mladen Kocić, Kazakhstan's Serik Zhamankulov by one goal at the start of Saturday's fixtures but was not in action due to Portugal's quarter-final elimination, leaving him stuck on six. Zhamankulov struck in the third-place play-off against Serbia, although he still trailed Ricardinho having played more matches.

Alex was the first new leader when he got a goal in the final against Russia, but then Miguelín, with two, and Rivillos, who struck twice and managed an assist, overtook their team-mate. As the top two cannot be split on any of the criteria, they share the Golden Shoe. Alex receives the Silver Shoe and Ricardinho the Bronze Shoe.

Ricardinho finished as overall top scorer for the competition, including qualifying, with 11 goals. Qualifying top scorer Mykola Bilotserkivets got eight goals in getting Ukraine to the finals but missed out on a place in Belgrade due to injury.

Final standings

Golden Shoe: Miguelín & Mario Rivillos (Spain) 6 goals, 4 assists (5 games)
Silver Shoe: Alex (Spain) 6 goals, 2 assists (5 games)

Bronze Shoe: Ricardinho (Portugal) 6 goals, 0 assists (3 games)

Full statistics

The awards
The awards©Getty Images

Tie-break criteria
1) Higher number of assists:
• Player delivering the intentional pass, cross, header or shot leading to a goal
• Player shooting and ball rebounding from woodwork, goalkeeper or defender and entering the goal
• Player passing, shooting or crossing and leading to an own goal
• Only one assist per goal can be awarded
• No assist for player winning a penalty or a free-kick

2) Higher ratio of converted double (ten-metre) penalties
3) Higher ratio of converted (six-metre) penalties
4) Higher number of goals scored in fewer matches
5) Fair play record (red, yellow cards)

Eder Lima: 2014 winner
Eder Lima: 2014 winner©Sportsfile

Past final tournament top scorers
2014: Eder Lima (Russia) 8
2012: Torras (Spain)*, Dario Marinović (Croatia) 5
2010: Saad Assis (Italy), Biro Jade (Azerbaijan), Javi Rodríguez (Spain), Joel Queirós (Portugal) 5
2007: Cirilo (Russia), Daniel (Spain), Predrag Rajić (Serbia) 5
2005: Nando Grana (Italy) 6
2003: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 7
2001: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 7
1999: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 11
1996: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 8

*Torras won Golden Shoe on assists; prior to 2010 no tie-breaker used